The ProHealth team will design training to meet the criteria required by the client and may include the following:

  • Hazard communication for exposure to bacteria, viruses, mold, and housekeeping chemicals within the institution
  • Course modules on blood-borne patho- gens as required by OSHA
  • Principles of both personal hygiene, envi- ronmental hygiene, and infection control
  • Effective cleaning and housekeeping techniques
  • Proper application of cleaning chemicals and disinfectants
  • Methods and techniques to monitor and validate effectiveness of cleaning and disinfection
  • Identification of improper cleaning and disinfection and appropriate remedial actions
  • Immediate response criteria for minor contam- ination incidents within the facility, such as sewerage backups or clean- up of bodily fluids within a finite area.

Training may be conducted in classroom situations or through auto-tutorials designed for use in printed or computerized modules. ProHealth can provide the means to administratively manage the use of auto-tutorial training, as well as determine the efficacy of the training.