Professional cleaning and disinfection by the Wells team will follow the protocol designed from the results of the assessment of the facility. These protocols will be in accordant with applicable federal, state and municipal regulations and will be coordinated with the institution to minimize disruption of normal daily activities. Disinfection procedures are designed for specific functional spaces, such as cellblocks, gymnasia, dining facilities,
office spaces etc. In addition, to maximize effective reduction in microbial contamination, furniture, appliances and building materials are addressed in these spaces.

Our technology has been reformulated through advanced combination of different types of delivery systems that introduce non- toxic proprietary chemical formulations into an environment to efficiently and effectively sanitize, disinfect and decontaminate spaces and surfaces. Unique formulation compounding allows application of the products as a Electrostatic Back-Pak Sprayers, Spray Foamers, Electrostatic Sprayers, ULV Foggers and dry Mist Foggers. The formulation exhibits none of the problems of gaseous release of chlorine (chlorinated organics) or chemical residues associated with other chemical oxidants. The formulation is miscible with water and is safe to apply on most fabrics, clothing, carpeting, walls, furniture and a variety of soft goods that would be permanently damaged by chlorine bleach. There are no residual effects on the environment due to the decomposition of the primary oxidizers within the formulation into oxygen and water. The final product and approach will always be determined by the specific site review.