Comprehensive assessment of a facility is the process of assessing an indoor environment utilizing the most current techniques and equipment in the industry. The assessments may include the collection of air, bulk and surface samples for bacterial and fungal contamination. The results are then entered into data management software that provides a comprehensive overview of a facilities’ indoor environmental quality.

  • Identification and circumscription of the perceived problem to achieve the desired end results
  • Evaluation of the building’s construction, spatial functions, and mechanical systems
  • Review of institutional policies for healthcare and standard operating procedures for housekeeping and cleaning
  • Review of federal, state, and municipal regulations affecting healthcare in the facility and internal practices related to cleaning and disinfection
  • Review of current staff training materials and protocols related to healthcare and housekeeping procedures
  • Evaluation of current cleaning and disinfection products
  • Recommendations, in accordance with various applicable regulations, for enhancing internal policy and training, in order to promote effective environmental infection control and healthcare within the facility
  • Development of a protocol to clean and disinfect designated areas of the facility, including criteria to determine the efficacy of the work
  • Coordination for operational and logistical considerations to accomplish the task with minimum disruption of normal daily operations